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The Financial Press is focused on the immediate future. Articles are about what moved the markets today. Some are hindsight. Some are short term predictions. Others are justification for a particular position.

MacroTOMI is a publisher of in depth analysis based on hours of research and study. Internal discussions about issues, policies and diverse events that drive the markets and the world economy are crystallized into thoughtful reports. We look at the long term, bigger picture from an holistic perspective. Many complex components of the markets are extremely interwoven. It takes great depth, experience and deduction to present a well rounded opinion.

Currently we have a situation where the world is hopelessly indebted. Debt is deflationary. Then along comes a pandemic. They have been occurring since the beginning of recorded time and are also deflationary. Wars are inflationary so the revolutionary war of 1776, the civil war of 1861 and WWI And WW2 and the Vietnam war produced inflation. Inflation is great for stocks, better for real estate and precious metals and commodities and debt, and terrible for cash and cash based financial assets like bonds. Deflation is the reverse. It’s good for cash and cash related assets like bonds and terrible for real estate, commodities, precious metals and personal debt.

The Federal Reserve knows this that’s why they are fighting it tooth and nail. If you study history though, you will see that the macroeconomic forces always win in the end. You would think most mainstream economists would know this. Well either they don’t and one wonders how they got their degrees or else they do but they are too busy selling you stuff and making commissions to tell you the truth. They issue trite statements like "Don’t fight the Fed". That means that when the Fed is easing and printing money you should buy stocks, etc because the money will end up there. Of course when interest rates go up they don’t tell you to sell because now you can fight the Fed because the economy is doing so great. Funny they never tell the Fed to stop fighting the macro-economic forces and let the economy heal itself which of course would be best in the long run.

Our Contributors

Uri Estrin
Uri Estrin

Uri studied economics in his undergrad years, but went on to follow his entrepreneurial aspirations and founded a Tech company. It has won several awards, including a Top 100 . He has followed macroeconomics, world events and economic policy for over 30 years. His readings include many economic and macroeconomic works, but a key focus has been the Gold Standard (early 1900’s) and depression era economics.

Uri has managed a private investments mostly focused on fixed income instruments and has achieved back to back years of double digit percentage gains.

When Covid-19 hit, it allowed Uri to spend more time reading and writing and following his passion of macroeconomimcs.

Dr. Norman D

Norman D is a Reproductive healthcare physician who has been involved in financial markets for over 40 years. He has published widely in both medicine and finance. He has written many articles and financial reports and has traded stocks, bonds, currencies and options for his own account during this time. During this time he compounded capital at around 7% annually without any other revenue such as commissions. His particular focus is on bonds and forex.

He is an avid reader of scientific and financial books and believes that without true financial education it is difficult to be successful as an investor.